Our Identity

We are a Christian church committed to the beliefs and practices taught in the Bible. We seek to preach its truth from our pulpit and practice it in our lives. We identify our theology with that expressed so clearly by the Protestant Reformers and Puritans. While we remain independent of any denominational ties we enjoy the fellowship of a number of like-minded churches in the region and hold membership in the Reformed Baptist Network.

Our Purpose

We seek to glorify God through faithful obedience to the responsibilities entrusted to us by Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church. Therefore, the duties of the Church include the serious worship of God through Christ, the edification of the Church family, and the evangelism of the world. We recognize our need for God’s grace to carry out these purposes since they will be realized only as we are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Our Method

The pattern we follow for our church life and ministry is that which was followed by the early church as revealed in the books of the New Testament. They devoted themselves to:

  • The Apostle’s teaching
  • The observance of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • Fellowship
  • Prayer

Only in this framework can our purposes be accomplished. Our trust is in the power of the Gospel of Truth and the gracious influences of the Holy Spirit.

Our Confession of Faith

Our official confessional document is the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.  This statement identifies our beliefs and aligns us with Reformed and Covenantal Baptists. In the links below can be found the full text of that confession, with Scriptural proofs for each point, and the Baptist Catechism.

Our Values and Aspirations


God’s Word is truth. It is our commitment to learn, love, and live the whole counsel of God. We will faithfully promote and protect the Gospel of Christ as the heart of that counsel.


God’s honor is central. His praise is our clearest duty and deepest privilege. As the truth of Jesus Christ increasingly permeates our hearts, genuine gratitude is expressed as we corporately glorify His Name.


God’s likeness is our goal. To be like Jesus is our happiness. His prayer is that we would be sanctified by His truth. Sin is our enemy. Change is our calling. Holiness of heart and righteousness of life is our destiny.

Loving Community

God’s people are our people. The Church is the center of Christ’s program. Spiritual life and growth is not a private endeavor but a community project. The words, examples, and relationships of this Body are part of His chosen means of grace. Through the ‘one anothers’ addressed to us in His word we gladly take our place to give and receive the edifying influence Christ commands.


God’s way is selflessness. Looking on our own things and not the things of others is the world’s way. Esteeming others as more important than ourselves causes us to look for ways to serve others inside and outside our church family. Holiness and love will always lead us to sacrifice our time, energy, and gifts to be useful to others.


God’s purpose is redemption. Locally and globally, salvation by Christ is His program for this age. As He brought that to us, we seek to bring it to others near and far. We stand ready to speak the Gospel in love to our neighbors, and to send it to the remote regions of the earth. Our prayers for His Kingdom to come will in measure be answered through our resources and witness.